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Urban Planners

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Urban Advantage – Uses digital photo editing technologies to aid in visualizing growth options, sharing of those visions, and to speed t

Urban Design Associates – Offers design services in urban design, architecture and pattern books, and design guidelines.

Urban Practitioners – Provides town planning, urban regeneration, and economic development services in the United Kingdom.

Urban Strategies Inc. – Toronto-based planning and urban design firm offering services to public and private clients in North America an

Walkable Communities – A non-profit consulting firm which provides advice on how communities can become more pedestrian-friendly. Includ

Williams and Associates – Multi-disciplinary Athens, Georgia firm specializes in land planning, landscape architecture, development cons

Willie Miller Urban Design and Planning – Consultancy based in Glasgow, Scotland providing conceptual, strategic, and development work i

Design Plan Services Inc. – A town planning firm specializing in community and neighbourhood design, subdivision planning, and related s